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We are committed to meeting the needs of all Downingtown students and developing working groups to take action around these priorities. These are just getting off the ground, and will be characterized by research, commitment to best educational practice, and community collaboration.

We are inviting anyone interested to come join us…the only rules are that we all remain rooted in kindness, action, positivity, and unity. Please help us help our children thrive!

Supporting Diversity, Equity and Inclusion!

Promoting Safe Learning Environments!

Fighting Censorship!

Improving our students’ Mental Health!

Creating data-driven feedback loops to make smart improvements!

Bringing community organizations together!

Partnering with our school board and administrators!

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We also have a private Facebook group for discussion and connection. We do require all involved to commit to creating a space marked by participation, respect and privacy. You’re welcome to join as long as you commit to these common-sense rules.