What movies have YOU seen this month?

There is a ton of buzz going on about the Barbie and the Sound of Freedom movies, and we are here for all of it. We found these interesting reads and would like to share them. The Sound of Freedom Disclaimer: we have not yet seen this movie. This post is based solely on theContinue reading “What movies have YOU seen this month?”

What is biological sex? What is gender?

Yes, to many people this sounds like a ridiculous question. In 1990 when Arnold Schwarzenegger played “Kindergarten cop”, he was famously told by a five year old that “Boys have a penis, girls have a vagina”. Duh, Arnold.  People who understand what a karyotype is will go a step further and say that it’s relatedContinue reading “What is biological sex? What is gender?”

A Day in the Life of a Muslim Student: DEI in Action, How to be an Ally

Our DEI office heard through various safe channels that our Muslim students wanted to hold a “Day in the Life” listening session to help our district understand what challenges they face. It was a very positive experience and we hope to have many more of these!

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