We started as a group of Downingtown parents who wanted to work with our public schools to make them safer places to learn.

Now we strive to promote unity and inclusion as well as wellness for our children. We partner with our administrators, educators, elected officials, and other community organizations to accomplish these goals.

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Does our Inclusivity have limits?

You betcha! We do not tolerate Hate here…defined as anything which causes real harm to a marginalized community.

If you are ready to celebrate each other’s differences and honor the feelings of those who have had different experiences than you have…

Then you are one of us!

Want to volunteer?

We are a fun group of parents with lots of ideas to help support and improve our school district to create positive change.

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Are you a community organization?

Our biggest pet peeve is reinventing wheels. If you are a community organization, we want to partner with you to bring you more resources and to discover what gaps exist in Downingtown.

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“So many things are possible just as long as you don’t know they’re impossible.”

Norton Juster