Community Partners

We are looking for community partners who are committed to helping students and improving our public schools. Non-profits, grassroots groups, religious organizations, student clubs…we want to know about you and help you grow. Please email us at to be entered into our database.

Connecting volunteers

We want to help existing organizations thrive. We have a huge network of parents who are activated and ready to help.

Finding community gaps

Are there needs that our children have that are not being met by existing organizations? We intend to find them!

Creating and executing on solutions

We are people of action, so when we see a problem, we intend to address it. We have a large team of parents who are out of the box thinkers and if your organization can benefit from our help, please let us know!

Our parents can’t wait to help partner with the school district and create bridges to help our students succeed.

— Anonymous

We have a great time in this group…we get together for tacos and talk about how hard adulting is in this world and how we’d like to help it improve. It feels great to be among positive, action-oriented parents.

— Anonymous