2023 School Board Candidate Questionnaire

Integrity Pledge:

  • The entire questionnaire can be found here.
  • All answers are published IN FULL here and on our social media. We do not take things out of context, no matter how lengthy the answers are.
  • Most of the questions are not required; however, candidates are encouraged to answer as many as possible, as honestly and thoroughly as possible.
  • We expect our School Board Directors to follow best writing practices, i.e. These position statements should be in their own words and references properly cited where necessary.
  • The questionnaire can be filled out in multiple sessions. Candidates get a copy of their responses and have the ability to edit/resubmit later.
  • Candidates are encouraged to keep a copy of their answers and share them on their own websites/social media.
  • We will never share private email addresses.

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School board directors make decisions that impact all of our children, so voters really need to understand what candidates stand for; this can be challenging because:

  • School board candidates are able to cross-file, which not everyone is aware of
  • Social media/the internet can present the public with a highly filtered version of candidates
  • Many of us do not have the time or resources to distinguish fact from fiction
infographic from red wine and blue about cross-filing
Made available by Red Wine and Blue

At DASD Parent Partners, we have been keeping a close eye on our public board meetings and we are so grateful to anyone who volunteers to ensure that our kids get a great education.

Regardless of political affiliation, we know that voters are eager to see where our candidates stand on certain positions.

Parts of the questionnaire shown were taken from similar ones developed by other non-partisan voter education groups (Education Voters of PA, the League of Women Voters, Chester County Marching Forward, etc…) but the issues asked about are specific to Downingtown Area School District.

Please note that not everyone is expected to answer every question…different people bring different expertise to the table, e.g. someone with a background in curriculum design might not be as well versed in setting budgets.

Also, there are no wrong answers…just transparent ones!

Sharing this information with voters is essential to our election process and we are excited to be helping our candidates do so.