Bringing the Downingtown Community together

Last month we had two great Parent Networking meetings. They were extremely different both in the attendees and the topics of conversation, which we were so excited about…this was exactly the intent of our design. Even though they were less than two weeks apart, the most pressing issues at the time of each event hadContinue reading “Bringing the Downingtown Community together”

2/9/22 DASD School Board Meeting—Town Halls, Tech Fees, and a Heaping Dish of Drama

A calm, productive School Board meeting was bookended with altercations requiring security involvement. Click to read the full summary.

DASD’s New Book Policy Draft…let’s make it better, prevent silent censorship

The school district has been working on a new book policy to ensure that all new books are appropriate and beyond reproach. Here is how we can raise our voice ask to make it better.

Jan 12 School Board Meeting: Eid, Books, Construction, and more…

This month’s meeting saw a new holiday added to the calendar, an updated library policy, and discussion of adding open public meetings to discuss construction options and how to add Full Day K.